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Meet Mike

Dear Fellow Michiganders

The freedoms and opportunities for our family's are at great risk during these pivotal times with sky rocketing gas pump prices and runaway inflation. You the tax payer deserve better representation. I am the only candidate in District 61 with a real back bone standing up against this socialist movement. With my extensive business and community skills I have the experience to write good economic legislation to keep more of your hard earn dollars in your pocket for your families.

Many times I have been asked, why I am I so passionate about protecting your families futures. I'm a husband to my wife Loula, and a father to my daughter Christina Maria and Identical twin sons, Antonio and Konstandino. My family and your families is what motivates me to run for State Representative, I want to ensure the next generations have the freedoms and opportunity choices I had growing up in this great country.
I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for investing your time to learn more about who i am and why I am running to serve as your State Representative in District 61.

I am asking for your Vote on August 2nd & November 8th, lets all stand together putting Families First - VOTE MIKE AIELLO

Image by Tim Mossholder
Mike Aiello 1.jpg
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